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Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Hyde Park Wealth Advisors is an independent wealth management firm specializing in investment management, financial planning and corporate retirement plans. The firm provides exceptional, impartial consulting and advice to individual, family and corporate clients across the country.

Our economic incentives are directly aligned with our clients’ gains, as most of our compensation is derived from a fixed percentage of assets. As an independent, privately owned company — unburdened by the conflicts of interest present in traditional brokerage firms — we can focus on our clients while prioritizing transparency.

Our ability to deliver excellent and sustained service to our clients is galvanized by the stability of our team and its leadership. Many of HPWA’s partners have worked together since the 1990s. And some of our partners have been in the business for 30 years.

At HPWA, we measure success by the quality of service we deliver. Our clients recognize the distinctive impartiality of our investment advice, our strict adherence to a proven methodology, as well as our firm’s culture of independent thought and entrepreneurial spirit.
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At Hyde Park Wealth Advisors, we measure success by the quality of service we deliver.
After decades with Wall Street firms, our principals tired of the lack of objectivity. The conflicts of interest. So they left. Created a highly effective, independent wealth management operation. Focused on enabling clients to pursue their lives with the peace of mind they deserve.
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At Hyde Park Wealth Advisors, your financial team does more than help plan for the future. We help you plan for your future.

We’ve long been a trusted advisor to private investors and families. We believe investing is a service. Not a product. It starts with your needs, changes to fit your life, and adapts to market conditions.

Whether you’re building a vacation home, preparing for retirement, or planning a lasting legacy, we make sure we understand who you are and what you want from your future. Only then do we shape your personalized portfolio to help you reach your goals.

Hyde Park Wealth Advisors helps you:
Take control of your financial future
Align your investments and estate plan with your goals
Position your portfolio for a variety of market conditions
Plan for retirement
Optimize investments for tax efficiency
Respond to changes in your life and in the market
Access the right team and financial tools to reach your goals
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Meet Our Advisors

We have assembled a team of seasoned investment and financial planning professionals. We focus on preserving client capital in all market environments while constantly searching for ways to generate returns.

Brian T. Parker, CFP

Partner & CFP Certified Financial Planner

Todd Ille

Partner & Financial Advisor

Coleman B. Goldsmith

Partner & Financial Advisor

Vicky Sullivan

Client Relationship Manager

Morgan Parker

Property & Casualty Agent

Our Mission

We endeavor to help entrepreneurs, professionals and their families achieve peace of mind. The kind that comes from knowing that one’s financial interests are perfectly organized. Capable of achieving all personal, family and professional objectives.

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Securities offered through Dempsey Lord Smith LLC – Dempsey Lord Smith LLC, Rome, GA Member FINRA / SIPC / MSRB.

Advisory Services offered through Dempsey Lord Smith, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Clearing through and accounts held at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

Dempsey Lord Smith, LLC nor Hyde Park Wealth Advisors LLC provides tax or legal advice and you should consult your accountant and/or attorney if considering an investment of this type. Hyde Park Wealth Advisors LLC is not controlled by or a subsidiary of Dempsey Lord Smith LLC. Investing in Alternative Investments come with a variety of risks that could result in a complete loss of principal investment.

Alternative Investments offered as private placement securities are offered only to qualified accredited investors via confidential private placement memorandum. Income and returns are not guaranteed and there are no assurances investments will meet their stated objectives.

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